Sound Healer Diploma Training, APRIL 2018, 2 Weeks at The Dome Center

Event details

  • Saturday | 21st April 2018 to Sunday | 6th May 2018
  • 7:00 pm
  • The Dome, Camino la Racona, 12, 03728 Alcalalí
  • +34 686942033 (Nestor)
  • €1750€Registration

Sound Healer Training Course APRIL to MAY 2018

Two weeks of Training, Practice and Profound Transformation. Become a Sound Healer with two of Europe's leading Sound Healers and Teachers ! 21 April - 6 May 2018 Become a Sound Healer and/or Integrate Sound into the Therapies you Practice with Nestor Kornblum and Michele Averard. Full Board and Lodging at the Dome Center

RESERVE: 2 WEEK Sound Healer Training Course

The total cost for this course, including full board and lodging is Early Bird Discount €1 750.00 expires 15 JANUARY 2018 after which date:- €1 950.00 EUROS Please fill in the form below to reserve your space on the Two Week Sound Healer Training and go to the deposit page (SHOPPING TROLLEY).


After 10 years of teaching this course over 7 weekends in Spain or 4 long-weekends in other countries, we decided 7 years ago, by popular demand, to offer a 2 Week Intensive version of this course. The course is fully bilingual in English and Spanish and is a truly International event.

ADVANCED TRAINING in (details below)
·Energy Management and Protection, Deep Energy work on Chakras and Subtle Bodies with Sound.
·Tuning Forks (SonoPuncture, Osteophony and Diaphony, System by Nestor Kornblum with his HarmonicSounds Tuning Forks!)
·Voice Healing: Free your Healing Voice with techniques from Michele's successful book "Free your Voice, Heal your Life" a 13 step  process to discovering your natural voice, overcoming past programming and Voice Healing techniques to apply on yourself and  others.
·Overtone Singing, The Theory and Techniques of singing and then Healing with Overtones
·Singing Bowl Therapy using Michele Averard's system developed over 22 years of experience
·Monochords and Therapy Beds
·Sound Therapy with Shamanic and Ancestral Instruments (for those that play other instruments, NOT a requirement)
·Combining Colour with Sound

"Words cannot express the personal transformation and and spectacular opening, growth and raised frequency that I experienced on this course. This is MUCH more than a Training in Sound, it is a Journey to your Heart and the Vibrational Heart of Creation! Michele and Nestor are true Masters in Sound, Voice, Overtones

and Healing Vibrations" Teresa Gutierrez, previous participant




Will be the joining together of the 7 main areas listed below, and previously taught over 7 weekends. This is an abbreviated list. 
EVERY technique learned will be practiced in-depth by dividing the group into couples, with ample time given to the sessions. Michele and Nestor will closely monitor all the practical sessions

Part 1
The Science and Theory of Sound Therapy. How sound affects us on all levels of our being. Cymatics and other Sciences, Shamanism and the origins of Sound Healing.

Part 2
The Healing Power of Sound and Energy. Practical techniques to take conscious control of the energy that flows through us, using the power of intention, visualization and the voice. Cleansing, harmonizing and balancing the chakras and subtle bodies with Sound.

Part 3
Overtone Chant: Singing two simultaneous sounds by amplifying the harmonics within your voice. The basic techniques and therapeutic applications. Sound as a tool for raising personal and planetary frequency.
Sacred Geometry Part 1: The relationship between Sound and Form.

Part 4
Singing Bowls, Himalayan and Quartz bowls: The origins, theory and applications in self–healing and applied healing. Includes practical sessions on healing the physical and subtle bodies.

Part 5
Tuning Forks and their application in Sound Health Therapy. SonoPuncture- the application of Tuning Forks on reflex points of the meridians, feet, hands and spine, Osteophonia- the application of Tuning Forks on the articulations and other bony processes of the body, Diaphonia- the application of Tuning Forks on the Chakras and in the subtle energy bodies (aura). Intervals (the relationship between sounds) and their effect on the human system on mental, emotional and physical levels. Sacred Geometry 2: The physical structure of Sound and its reflection in Nature. Harmonic re-patterning through Sound.

Part 6
The use of colour in conjunction with other sound healing tools, advanced energy management: Protection and cleaning of spaces, rooms and energy fields, as well as the treatment area. How to give a complete Sound Healing session.

Part 7
Harmonic Integration. Revising and integrating the entire course. Practical evaluation and award of diplomas



- Evening Activities, after dinner on a few of the evenings, such as Mantra chanting, a Sacred Ceremony with Sound etc.
- The Power of Names and Mantra
- The Role of Chant and Song in healing and general wellbeing Integration of Sound, Color and Movement
- Chanting in Nature's Sacred Spaces
- The Power of the Word



All meals are included. The food will be prepared by a qualified organic cook, and will be fully organic and vegetarian. Our excellent cooks are able to provide for special needs diets, although here will be an additional charge due to the extra work involved and the cost of alternative ingredients.


Please note we do not allow pets of any kind.


The total cost for this course, including full board and lodging (14 full days and 15 nights)
Early Bird Discount €1 750.00 expires 15 January 2018 after which date: €1 950.00 EUROS

This includes the Reservation Deposit of €300 


ACCOMMODATION will be at The Dome Center, in rooms for 2 or 4, and in two wooden cabins for up to 4 people. We seldom have more than 3 per room for this course, due to the duration.

You may arrange additional nights if your flight plans require OR a single room

 This can be arranged at an additional cost in a nearby Rural B & B, only 5 minutes walk from The Dome Center

ARRIVAL TIME: Any time on the late afternoon of Saturday 21 April 2018
DEPARTURE TIME: After breakfast on the morning of 6 May 2018

ALICANTE (ALC) is the closest airport, 1 hr by car, a little longer by bus, and there is a Tourist Shuttle direct
to the village of ALCALALÍ where the Dome is located.

CONTACT THE SHUTTLE BUS COMPANY DIRECTLY by clicking on the link below,
once you have your FLIGHT NUMBER
Prices are around €27 euros each way from the Airport to Alcalalí. The DROP-OFF is outside Restaurant Castellvi, some 10 minutes walk from the Dome. We can usually arrange a pick-up if you advise us in advance.
VALENCIA (VLC) is 20 minutes further away by car, 90 minutes from the Dome.....however transport will involve a combination of metro (underground) train and bus, or a private taxi service
(unless local students are able to offer lifts).


RESERVE: 2 WEEK Sound Healer Training Course

The total cost for this course, including full board and lodging is Early Bird Discount €1 750.00 expires 15 JANUARY 2018 after which date:- €1 950.00 EUROS Please fill in the form below to reserve your space on the Two Week Sound Healer Training. You will be redirected to the deposit page (300 €).