Sound Healer Training Course, Belgium 2019 (4 Weekends)

Event details

  • Thursday | 26th September 2019 to Saturday | 21st December 2019
  • 6:00 pm

September to December 2019

one weekend per month

Diploma Course in Applied Sound Therapy

You will find the dates below:





All registrations through Thuis in Jezelf, Belgium (At Home in Yourself )

 For BOOKINGS and all detailed INFORMATION


Dates: of the 4 Modules

September, Module 1: Friday 27th from 19h00 till 22h30, Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th from 10h00 till 18h00

October, Module 2:  3 Full days Friday 25th,  Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th from 10h00 till 18h00

November, Module 3: Friday 22rd, 19h00 till 22h30, Saturday 23th and Sunday 24th from 10h00 till 18h00

December, Module 4: Friday 20st from 19h00 till 22h30, Saturday 21nd, Sunday 22rd from 10h00 till 18h00
Course venue:
Lier (Antwerp area) – Belgium

Steiner School

Mallekotstraat, 43

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