SOUND HEALER TRAINING, SWEDEN, Starting Feb-May 5 Weekends 2018

Event details

  • Saturday | 3rd February 2018 to Sunday | 27th May 2018
  • 10:00 am
  • Akademin, Högbergsgatan 48, Stockholm, Sweden
  • (+46) 735092435


For first time in Scandinavia! February to May 2018
Become a Sound Therapist certfied by the IAST: International Association of Sound Therapy
På engelska – All classes will be in English



The Training Course comprises 5 Weekend Modules in the program:

MODULE 1: 3-4 February 2018
The Science and Theory of Sound Therapy
How Sound and Vibration affect us on all levels of our Being. Cymatics, Overtones, Sacred Geometry, Intervals and Frequencies.
The realationsip between Sound and Form (matter)

MODULE 2: 24-25 Feb.
The Healing Voice
Discover and Free your beautiful Healing Voice!!
Practical techniques for applying the Voice, with Energy Techniques and the Power of Intention he Chakras, Aura and Physical Body

MODULE 3: 24-25 March.
Helande Övertonsång and Tuning Forks
Overtone Chant: Singing two simultaneous sounds by amplifying the harmonics within your voice. The basic techniques and therapeutic applications.Tuning Forks-their application to the Physical Body: Sono-puncture and Osteophony and also in the Subtle Energy Bodies:- Diaphony®

MODULE 4: 28-29 April
Singing Bowl Therapy and Colour Therapy
Singing Bowls both Himalayan and Crystal: The origins, theory and applications in self –healing and applied healing. Includes practical sessions. The use of colour in conjunction with other soundhealing tools, advanced energy management: Protection and cleaning of spaces, rooms and energy fields & the treatment area. Protocols and how to give a complete Sound Healing session

MODULE 5: 26-27 MAY
Harmonic Integration®
Final module which brings all the techniques,instruments and tools of the course together, combined into an Holistic system for giving a FULL Sound Therapy Session. Practical Exams, Diplomas

No previous MUSICAL KNOWLEDGE or music abilities required to participate on this TRAINING

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