Weekend Retreat Antalya, Turkey “Free your Healing Voice and Overtone Singing”

Event details

  • Friday | 15th December 2017 to Sunday | 17th December 2017
  • 4:00 pm
  • The Land 3601 sk no 13 Geyikbayiri, Geyikbayırı, Antalya, Turkey
  • +34686942033

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Free your Healing Voice and Learn to Sing Overtones, Weekend Residential Workshop

15-16-17 December 2017, the Land Geyikbayırı Antalya
3 days, 2 nights

Free your Inner Healing Voice with Michele Averard
Exercises and powerful processes
from Michele’s book “Free your Voice, Heal your Life”

Discover and Sing the Overtones in your Voice

A practical workshop by Nestor Kornblum, based on his guide book with CD “Overtone Chant- the Practical Guide”


Türkçe için metnin devamını okuyunuz

Price: 950 TL  (This is approximately 205€ at current exchange rates, but may vary)

(includes accommodation, all-vegetarian-meals, concert, workshops)

* Travel and airport transfer is not included
* Shuttle information:   From airport to the Land it takes around 1,5 hours via shuttle bus.

Here are the prices PER GROUP! Very Reasonable!!!
1-4 people 120 TL  (approx 5 euro, shared)
4-10 people 250 TL
10-20 people 300 TL
If you arrange your arrival time around 4 pm (3:30-4:30) on Friday, we can arrange group transfer. Also the departure time from the Land on Sunday is around 5:30 pm. So you can arrange your flight back after 7 pm.

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Nestor Kornblum and Michele Averard

are internationally acclaimed workshop Facilitators who have trained thousands in the therapeutic applications of Sound, Vibration and Voice for 22 years.


Details and Course Content

 15th of December, 2017



“The Enchantment”- Overtone Singing (Vocal Harmonics), Mantra and Sacred Chant with Sacred and Ancestral Instruments
A deeply meditative and healing experience.
A concert that touches heart, mind and soul through the transmission of Healing Intention, Unconditional Love and Joy.
Nestor and Michele sing sacred chants, mantras and Overtones in the Western, Tibetan and Mongolian “Deep Voice” styles accompanied by monochord and a variety of Sacred and ancestral instruments. All their instruments are rich in overtones, such as overtone flute, didgeridoo, mouthbow, Jew’s harp, Tampura, Native American flute and Tibetan singing bowls.
There is also audience participation.

16th of December, 2017
Free your Healing Voice

Explore your voice and define your register
Breathing exercises for correct functioning of the diaphragm
The use of Breath as a means of Deep relaxation and Meditation
Experience Unity and Oneness through group Intoning exercises
Learn to Free your voice from past programming and conditioning; Liberate and heal emotions that are blocking your ability to sing and speak out.
Sound and Intention. Learn to direct your Sound for the healing of your Subtle and Physical bodies.
Your Name is your Mantra: A beautiful and honest way to learn to Love yourself
Exploring the Vowels and their powerful healing effects in the Chakras and Energy bodies
Sacred Sound and Singing Circles, with Sacred songs, chants and mantras from different Spiritual Traditions

17th of December, 2017
Learn to Sing Overtones

What are overtones?
The History and origins of Overtone singing, also known as Vocal harmonics.
Harmonic Theory: from Pythagoras to the present
The techniques of Overtone singing
Harmonic Intervals and their relationship to Natural proportions.
How overtones help us to resonate in harmony with Nature
Harmonic proportions in Geometry and Sacred structures.
The application of vocal harmonics to restore harmony in oneself and others.