WORKSHOP: Free your Healing Voice, 1 day at The Dome

Event details

  • 30th June 2018
  • All Day
  • La Cúpula, Camino la Racona, 12, Alcalalí. 03728, Alicante
  • +34629841665

One Day Workshop with a Sound Journey (Sound Bath)

Saturday June 30 from 10am to 6pm – 10h00 – 18h00

Sound Journey will be at 7pm, 19h00 in the Evening, after the course

Michele Averard, author of “Free your Voice, Heal your Life!” singer-songwriter and International workshop Facilitator, together with Charli Kornblum, singer-songwriter with a fresh new approach!

They will guide you to connect with your Authentic Voice and True Expression

Through a powerfuul combination of Exercises and Experiences you will experience your body as the instrument it is and begin to sing your Inner Song!


◊ Explore your voice and define your register

◊ Breathing exercises for correct functioning of the diaphragm

◊ The use of Breath as a means of Deep relaxation and Meditation

◊ Experience Unity and Oneness through group Intoning exercises

◊ Learn to Free your voice from past programming and conditioning; Liberate and heal emotions     that are blocking your ability to sing and speak out.

◊ Sound and Intention. Learn to direct your Sound for the healing of your Subtle and Physical         bodies.

◊ Your Name is your Mantra: A beautiful and honest way to learn to Love yourself

◊ Exploring the Vowels and their powerful healing effects in the Chakras and Energy bodies

◊ Sacred Sound and Singing Circles, with Sacred songs, chants and mantras

from different Spiritual Traditions


€75,00  includes Vegan lunch at midday (and entitles you to a 10€ discount for the Sound Journey held that evening)

 ADDITIONAL ACTIVITY: Sound Journey Meditation (Lying down, Sound Bath)

19.00h – 20.00h, 30 June

                                    €20 for the Public, €10 for workshop participants 30 June

ACCOMMODATION: is possible and available at The Dome Center the Friday 29 June and/or Saturday 30 June a €20 per person per night.


 BANK Transfer of the total amount;  €75,00 for the 1 Day Workshop only, or  €85,00 if you ALSO reserve the Sound Journey:

HOLDER: Michele Averard

IBAN: ES1400811052200006317947 , SWIFT/BIC: BSABESBB,

Banco Sabadell, Branchl: C/Major, Orba, Alicante

CONCEPTO: Workshop Free your Voice and your name


Telf:  629841665  O 647267293                Email:

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