Summer Intensive: Free your voice. 26-30 August

5 days of powerful, liberating and transformative experiences through the Healing Power of the Voice

  • Awaken your Authentic Voice, Fall in love with your Sacred Sound
  • Discover the Healing Power of your Voice
  • Learn to transmit your Essential Energy through your Voice
  • Grow confidence in Singing and Communication
  • Awaken your Potential, Creativity and Flow
  • Learn Vocal Self-Healing techniques
  • Toning the Chakras and the Subtle bodies
  • Exercises to Free yourself from Limiting Conditioning
  • Remembering Oneness through Connection and Unity
  • Learn how to create your own “In the moment” Medicine Chant


Reduced group

Special price for special times!

Includes: Accommodation in a shared room or in your tent, vegan food and activities

Regular price 445€ Now 375€

Arrival: Wednesday 26th August 18hrs

Departure: Sunday 30th August 16hrs after Lunch

You may reserve an extra night (Sunday 15€)

In The Dome Center, home of the Association of Sound Therapy

Alcalalí – Alicante, a village with NO cases of COVID19, in an area with few cases

Large open spaces, where it’s easy to comply with the security norms and distances.

5 days to Explore and Enjoy the power of your Voice

With vegetarian food, night-time activities and swimming pool

Reduced group for extra security

Michele Averard and Charli Kornblum invite you to celebrate your Voice and authentic sound.

Together they will share vocal techniques and experiences that you can use in your daily and professional life.



Dir. of The Assoc. of Sound Therapy
Author of “Free Your Voice, Heal Your Life!

Michele Averard is a founding member and co-director of both the Spanish and International Associations of Sound Therapy. She is also a singer-songwriter of international repute. Since 1994 she has conducted courses, workshops and conferences on the healing power of Sound and particularly the Voice. With her husband, Nestor Kornblum, she has created and published more than 10 CDs of healing music. Michele has been interviewed and featured in television and radio programs in several countries, in addition to writing articles for magazines and other

publications. She has directed various choirs and continues to give live concerts. A firm defender of women’s rights, she also offers workshops and organises festivals celebrating the Sacred Feminine. She and her husband have their own centre “The Dome Retreat Centre” that has served as their base in the Alicante province of Spain since 1997.




Voice & Sound Therapist
Creator of “Ancestral Voice!

Charli Kornblum is a Holistic Voice Practitioner & Sound Therapist, Musician, Composer & OvertoneSinger. Creator of Ancestral Voice© – A transformational and healing journey of activation, exploration,
expression & liberation through the power of the voice, together with other remedies that help guide us to a greater understanding of our inner and outer worlds, remedies that we all have access to and we just need to remember how to tap into them so we can benefit from them, remedies for our mind, body &
She offers Voice & Song workshops, One to One Voice Coaching, Sound Therapy treatments and Sound Journey’s worldwide. Guiding and helping one to feel the vibration of their essence through their voice, releasing emotional and physical blockages to open one’s self to a path of remembrance and new
beginnings. Guiding you to get in touch and feel comfortable with your voice – through various exercises and processes that gift you tools to help you have the confidence to sing for you, for others, for whoever and whenever. Guiding you and helping you find your way of expressing yourself authentically through your voice. Because the expression of your soul through song is your birth right.
Charli has performed in numerous festivals internationally, with her solo project and band she has with her partner Heiko Bloemers, “Charli & Heiko”. Her songs and chants are a liberation and freedom of her expression, an offering to the consciousness of this planet, and for whoever resonates and connects with them. Singing for healing and reconnection, voicing her truth, experiences, sharing her feelings towards the universe and this sacred earth – always with the intention of spreading awareness, love and authenticity.